Paisley Fried

Somatic Symptoms 

Somatic Symptoms is a translation of personal and gathered experiences of the physical symptoms and sensations bought on by depression and anxiety, using textile and clothing to create sensory simulations.

I wanted to create a visual and tangible understanding of the hidden physical symptoms of mental illness. These sensations can be all-consuming to the individual experiencing them, yet have little to no visual manifestations, making them hard to comprehend as an outside observer.

These pieces are designed around the areas in which they manifest - meaning there is a large focus on the top half of the body - the stomach, chest, arms, throat and head area. Exploring the sensations of : Incessant Tingling and build up of energy within the body, Excessive weight and dragging, Separation from body and skin, waves of heat and suffocation Tension over body, Discomfort within yourself and your skin.

Through these pieces I want to create a new layer of understanding of these illnesses through experience, as I believe it has deeper more memorable effect on people.

All photographs, styling and content by Paisley Fried unless stated.