Paisley Fried

Person of Interest 

People are becoming aware of how much they are being tracked and have an understanding of the growing surveillance state surrounding them. Being conscious of surveillance allowes you to recognise the presence of this power. The watcher and watched scenario that surveillance creates, amplifies and exaggerates the sense of power in the person doing the watching.  That, on the flip side, enhances the sense of powerlessness in the person being watched. That power has the possibility to shape reality and truth.

Surveillance has engineered an expansive city wide stage where you are the unwitting performer, unaware who your audience and onlookers really are.

Person of interest is an exploration into various surveillance methods, subverting the shape of the body until it is incomprehensible to surrveilance technologies. By hiding in plain sight.  The costumes mimic current tracking methods, like trajectory trailing and gait recognition, upsetting these programs and creating inconsistencies. As well as utilising the characteristics of surveillance cameras, such as auto exposure.

This project gives agency to the person of interest to disrupt the power dynamics of a potential surveillance state.

All photographs, styling and content by Paisley Fried unless stated.